Ampcuare/Septiloc is a Novel Topical Herbal Wound Healing Product for Chronic Non Healing Wounds. Winner of Best innovation award – 2010 under India Innovation Growth Program organized by Department of Science & Technology (DST), India, Lockheed Martin, USA, FICCI, India.


Fresh/Acute wounds

Lacerations, Stab wounds, Skin cuts, Surgical wounds and filling of dental caries & cavities (as a part of post operative wound care), deep wounds .

Chronic/Non healing wounds

Diabetic wounds and foot ulcers, grade II & III burns, Bed Sores/ pressure ulcers. Ampucare prevents amputation in diabetic foot ulcer cases.

Impaired wound healing cases

Ampucare is specially formulated for wounds in immune-compromised individuals suffering from malnourishment, unstable/juvenile diabetes or neoplastic diseases and those under steroid therapy as poor/impaired wound healing is reported in these conditions.


Dosing Considerations


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